Java Physics

Java Applets on Physics

Walter Fendt
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Pulley System    
Lever Principle   Source code
Newton's Second Law Experiment    
Newton's Cradle   Source code
Buoyant Force in Liquids    

Oscillations and Waves

Pendulum   Source code
Spring Pendulum   Source code
Coupled Pendula New! (August 28, 1998)  
Standing Longitudinal Waves New! (August 29, 1998) Source code
Reflection and Refraction of Waves (Huygens' Principle)    
Doppler Effect   Source code


Lorentz Force   Source code
Direct Current Electrical Motor   Source code
Ohm's Law   Source code
Simple AC Circuits   Source code


Refraction of Light   Source code

Theory of Relativity

Time Dilation   Source code

Nuclear Physics

Radioactive Decay Series New! (August 29, 1998) Source code
Law of Radioactive Decay New! (August 24, 1998) Source code

Walter Fendt, September 6, 1998